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To Buy a DSLR or Not - Pros and Cons

To Buy a DSLR or Not – Pros and Cons

With increasingly sophisticated consumer point and shoots being launched every day, it’s difficult to decide whether one needs a DSLR or not. This article will explore the Pros and Cons of a DSLR camera. Sensor Size One of the biggest points in favor of using a DSLR, which is often lost in the Megapixel war, is...
Understanding Lenses for DSLR

Understanding Lenses for DSLR

A big advantage of using DSLR cameras is the ability to change lens. Different lenses serve different purposes and it’s important to pick the right lens for the right shot. There are many attributes of lens such as focal length, minimum focusing distance, aperture and others. Let’s get started with the most important of those...
Accessorize your DSLR

Accessorize your DSLR

  Photography equipment and accessories can vary greatly in quality and cost. If you are new to photography, it makes sense to not invest heavily into pro stuff till you know what kind of photography you are drawn towards. Don’t go and buy the Singh-Ray $300 filter for your kit lens only to find out...

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