Yellowstone National Park

In July 2011, my wife and I travelled to Yellowstone National Park. This had been a trip which was long due. Set in Wyoming, Yellowstone was USA’s first national park. The park is best known for it’s Geysers, the most famous one being “Old Faithful”. The geysers are a result of geothermal activity in the area. The minerals spewed by the geysers color the landscape of the park in bright reds, yellows and oranges. The mineral rich water and soil is home to some unique microscopic lifeforms. Yellowstone is also known for it’s wildlife – Moose, Elk, Grizzly bears & Bison. Whether your interest is in landscapes or wildlife, Yellowstone is a must-do for every photographer.

The project for this trip was to create Nature Wallpapers. Here are some of the photos from Yellowstone and the neighboring Grand Teton National Park.

First Elk Sighting

Excitement by our first Elk sighting was more because we thought it was a Moose!!

Old Faithful

As the name suggests, old faithful always erupts on time. It is the most famous Geyser in the park, but not the most interesting. Castle Geyser nearby is much more interesting, but also less frequent. Find out the times at which Castle Geyser erupts before heading out to that part of the park.


The Bison looks like a slow amiable animal, but it’s quite dangerous. Apparently more people get hurt at the park because of Bison than the Bears. Keep you distance from this animal!!

The Colors

There are amazing colors everywhere in Yellowstone. The Geyser Pools have crystal clear waters while the shores are colors of yellow, orange and white with mineral deposits.

The hot, shallow waters are also home to thermophiles

The Yellowstone lake is blue and clear. One the prettiest lakes I’ve seen..

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